Blueprint Of Perfect Health

Did you know that your unconscious mind has a blueprint of perfect health?

When working directly with a client who’s struggling with body weight, health or confidence challenges, I often find myself helping the person rediscover their blueprint of perfect health.

The blueprint of perfect health and healing is located in the deepest part of the unconscious mind, and for some of you who may be thinking “why does the body become unwell if this blueprint exists” then my answer to you would be the same as any client who asks me.

enjoy lifeJust because you have a blueprint of perfect health does not necessarily mean you will use it. There are many people out there with a great singing voice who never use it. There are people who are born with many unique talents, yet not all of us use those talents – the blueprint of perfect health can be thought of in the same way.

Just because your unconscious mind has the blueprint of perfect health, does not necessarily mean that the unconscious mind will use it. The unconscious mind is constantly reshaping itself based upon our experience in this world, from birth until death. Just think about this…

What have you been told and led to believe about what’s possible around healing and health since you were born?

In his book, Quantum Healing, Dr Deepak Chopra writes, ‘the length of time for the body to replacethe cells that make up our bodies (hair, skin, organs, blood and everything in-between) depends upon what is being replaced, anywhere from hours to 2 years. So if our cells are constantly being replaced, then that really means we all have brand new bodies within a two year time period.Untitled-4

The latest research in neuro-science has shown that the mind influences the body in a very real way (our neurology influences our physiology), and that is easily measurable by the fight or flight response.

When you are exposed to something of potential danger, your body has an instant programmed reaction (at the unconscious level) of either fight or flight. I remember being confronted on the school yard by a bunch of bullies, looking at the grins on their faces, hearing their sniggers and feeling my heart begin to race as my mind shouted “run!”

Needless to say, we’ve all found ourselves in situations similar to that, and other situations where we became angry and started to fight, and as a result, we noticed the changes in our bodies – from the increase in heart rate, to the skin prickles and sweat, to the increase in mental and visual focus and so on.

So if our neurology (mind) influences our physiology (our cells), and Dr Deepak Chopra states that the maximum amount of time it takes for every single cell in our body to be replaced is around two years, then why is it that if we have a lump now, that in two years’ time that lump is still there?

It is because your unconscious mind has not yet transferred the blueprint of perfect health over to the blueprint that the unconscious mind uses to create the body.

If you would like to learn more about the mind-body connection and your capacity for healing, I would recommend reading Deepak Chopra’s book Quantum Healing.

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