Blueprint Of Perfect Health

Did you know that your unconscious mind has a blueprint of perfect health?

When working directly with a client who’s struggling with body weight, health or confidence challenges, I often find myself helping the person rediscover their blueprint of perfect health.

The blueprint of perfect health and healing is located in the deepest part of the unconscious mind, and for some of you who may be thinking “why does the body become unwell if this blueprint exists” then my answer to you would be the same as any client who asks me.

enjoy lifeJust because you have a blueprint of perfect health does not necessarily mean you will use it. There are many people out there with a great singing voice who never use it. There are people who are born with many unique talents, yet not all of us use those talents – the blueprint of perfect health can be thought of in the same way.

Just because your unconscious mind has the blueprint of perfect health, does not necessarily mean that the unconscious mind will use it. The unconscious mind is constantly reshaping itself based upon our experience in this world, from birth until death. Just think about this…

What have you been told and led to believe about what’s possible around healing and health since you were born?

In his book, Quantum Healing, Dr Deepak Chopra writes, ‘the length of time for the body to replacethe cells that make up our bodies (hair, skin, organs, blood and everything in-between) depends upon what is being replaced, anywhere from hours to 2 years. So if our cells are constantly being replaced, then that really means we all have brand new bodies within a two year time period.Untitled-4

The latest research in neuro-science has shown that the mind influences the body in a very real way (our neurology influences our physiology), and that is easily measurable by the fight or flight response.

When you are exposed to something of potential danger, your body has an instant programmed reaction (at the unconscious level) of either fight or flight. I remember being confronted on the school yard by a bunch of bullies, looking at the grins on their faces, hearing their sniggers and feeling my heart begin to race as my mind shouted “run!”

Needless to say, we’ve all found ourselves in situations similar to that, and other situations where we became angry and started to fight, and as a result, we noticed the changes in our bodies – from the increase in heart rate, to the skin prickles and sweat, to the increase in mental and visual focus and so on.

So if our neurology (mind) influences our physiology (our cells), and Dr Deepak Chopra states that the maximum amount of time it takes for every single cell in our body to be replaced is around two years, then why is it that if we have a lump now, that in two years’ time that lump is still there?

It is because your unconscious mind has not yet transferred the blueprint of perfect health over to the blueprint that the unconscious mind uses to create the body.

If you would like to learn more about the mind-body connection and your capacity for healing, I would recommend reading Deepak Chopra’s book Quantum Healing.

ABOUT THE AUTHOR  – Nick Ritchie

nickNick is qualified in NLP, Hypnotherapy, Nutrition & Personal Training and is an author, speaker & coach. He provides his expertise both 1-on-1 and online through Personal Training and Online Fitness Coaching.

To learn more about personal training, his online bikini body program, or to do is FREE online course, visit

LiveLee Food – Lee Hakim

Lee is a talented vegan and raw food chef who passionately believes that these two dietary philosophies combine to provide a path to good health. Her mission is to help others transform lives by teaching the benefits of introducing healthy foods into ones diet.

Lee previously worked for About Life where she was Head of Pastry, creating an entire line of raw cakes and desserts, including some savoury dishes. Lee currently works as a private consultant for small raw/vegan businesses, runs her own cooking classes and caters for events.

She is also the Sydney demonstrator and representative chef for Vitality 4 life, providing her knowledge of juicing and following a healthy lifestyle through the use of cold press juicers, high speed blenders and other essential kitchen appliances.10686923_739878806049174_5113028807038945550_n

What made you turn into a health conscious advocate?

I was living a life where I didn’t feel happy or myself at all, I was drinking alcohol and smoking, had a job I hated and decided I needed to do a detox. I read the book Raw Food Diet by Natalia Rose and never looked back. I decided to nurture myself through clean eating which was merely a minor part in the massive life transformation I had undergone. Following that I decided to quit my job and embarked on this journey of following my passion and setting an example for others to follow their own dreams.

What is planned for you in future?

I really want to help people and learn much about the healing benefits of foods, so my next plan is to travel around the world and work at different health retreats so I can be around those who need help and learn from experienced and knowledgeable people. I see myself opening a sanctuary myself one day which will incorporate many healing techniques for the mind, body and spirit. My own sustainable heaven.

What is your ‘must have’ on a healthy diet?

Well I believe fresh cold press juices is key to a healthy diet and the best way to startUntitled-6 introducing live and nutritionally rich foods into a standard diet. It the easiest way to start incorporating something healthy for those who aren’t really sure where to begin so I advocate a green vegetable juice everyday as a start, then the rest can follow.

Describe your eating routine in a day

I start with a green juice, and then I might have a smoothie or my own coconut yoghurt or chia pudding. For lunch I usually have a really big bowl of salad with whatever seasonal produce is available. Then I keep dinner pretty light, with either a soup or another salad or some steamed greens.
Untitled-5To Follow Lee’s journey around the world and drool at her delicious creations, follow her at

Also, check out Lee’s amazing Almond and Berry Chia Tapioca in the recipe section.


Yoga is for Every Body

As a yogi I like to feel strong and flexible and balanced. It feels so good to have everything in the right proportion and functioning correctly- truly, you feel amazing!

Here are some of the most common questions I get asked:

“How long does it take for yoga to work?77

” “Where is the strength in yoga?”

“What do you do for cardio?”

“What should a yogi eat – must I turn vegetarian?”

“What’s so good about water?”

As in many instances of health, the results show up when you do. Yoga is the slowest medicine in the world, but it will work you inside to outside in due time. And it’s the inside that’s the tricky part- you can’t see internally (to see, for example, that your liver is the right colour for its correct function) and if you’re not tuned in to your body’s own signals then you’re not receiving all the messages that will help you see what is happening eventually on the outside! Yoga provides you the time to listen and learn your own body signals- we call it Savasana, a fantastic posture of complete stillness that teaches patience, breath and healing.

For someone like me, who is naturally flexible, I do work on the strength aspects of the yoga class.  Strength for me is developed by moving slowly and focusing on muscles to keep me in place- as opposed to relying on flexibility to swing through a posture and depend on balance to keep me there.  My muscles may not be huge but they help me to do some pretty cool things – I resist gravity and use my own body weight to get my muscle definition.

Of course, I do yoga for cardio. One of Bikram Yoga’s shortest held poses is one of our highest heart rate poses. It is 10 seconds, one step, balancing on one leg and I reckon it is worth about 15mins of running time. A Bikram Yoga class is interval training like nothing else and can be done in any weather!

bikram 3

I teach plenty of people who are very strong with very little flexibility. I also teach plenty of people who are very flexible with very little strength. And there are plenty of people off balance, literally! I look at it like this: the right amount of Strength PLUS the right dosage of Flexibility will bring you Balance in the middle, regardless of whether we talk body, mind or spirit.

You don’t need to be vegetarian, but do look at what you are putting inside your body. Do little changes- like replace dairy milk with rice/almond milk. Give it a few weeks, see how you feel. Now find something else- find excess sugar and give it the flick. Give it a few weeks, see how you feel. This is the process of elimination and creation. If it doesn’t serve you, then let it go. Could your meals be Calorie Reduced Optimum Nutrition? Small portions can still yield high nutrients- it’s what’s inside the food that counts. You could keep eating the same food but spend money on tablets for vitamins and minerals. Or look at what is in your food and redefine what you need to eat for what you need to expend each day.

Yoga pict

Yoga is for Every Body. There are plenty of yoga styles and centres around you. Find a great teacher and a class that will help you- and don’t forget to give yourself the time you deserve to look and feel better with yoga as your guide.


ABOUT THE AUTHOR – Nathan Dennett

Untitled-7Nathan is an Australian Yoga Champion, who competes for Australia on the international stage! Nathan is also the owner/director of Bikram Yoga Sutherland Shire where he not only guides, but also entertains his devotees throughout the 26 Bikram Yoga postures!

If you love Bikram, then you’ll love Nathan’s classes! Visit

Almond and Berry Chia Pudding

chia pudding

Almond and Berry Chia Pudding
This recipe is rich in antioxidants, high in omega 3 fatty acids and dietary fibre and contains the daily requirement of calcium. This is a great breakfast to take with you to work and prepare a few of these to set yourself for a healthy breakfast throughout the week.
What you need
  • 1 cup Almond milk
  • 2 tablespoons chia seeds
  • 1 tsp vanilla powder
  • ½ cup fresh or frozen organic Berries
What to do
  1. Stir almond milk in to chia seeds and vanilla so chia seeds are well separated and continue to mix every few minutes until chia seeds thicken up and get gelatinous.
  2. Add berries and top with garnish of choice - we love cacao nibs, shredded coconut or goji berries.
Substitute almond milk for your choice of milk. We love coconut milk!


Fruit Leather

roll ups


Fruit Leather
This is a super duper easy recipe to whip up if you have a dehydrator, and perfect for buying in-season fruit or veggies in bulk! Great for lunch boxes and as a sweet nutritious snack. Perfect for children who are fussy and don't like eating too many types of fruit. It's easy to mix fruit together to make a tropical leather. Bananas, stewed apples, strawberries and mango work really well! Just remember that as these are concentrated dried fruit, don't eat too many at once! :)
What you need
  • Fresh or frozen fruit - blended in to a puree
  • ¼ tsp vanilla powder
  • Pinch of himalayan or celticsea salt
  • Drops of liquid stevia or honey to taste
What to do
  1. Blend all ingredients in to a puree.
  2. Pour on to a non-stick tray and allow to dehydrate in a dehydrator or oven on the lowest temperature setting for 8 hours or until dry yet pliable.


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