Who am I?

Hello!! I’m Julia! CLAPPER TOTAL V

TV Presenter, Actor, Voice Artist and, if you ask my family, a passionately crazy chick who is extremely excited by natural holistic health!

My journey started around 10 years ago as an early 20’s optimistic and excited drama queen, believing anything was possible and busting to get out in to the world and achieve all of my dreams!


But somewhere along the way, fatigue, moodiness and bloating set in and I realised my body was screaming at me big time! It was then that I started out on my quest to (which I thought at the time) conquer food intolerances.

I mean, how could I be a lifestyle presenter and travel the world, exploring amazing places, if I couldn’t eat all that glorious food! I sought out every therapy, practitioner, new craze, fad and technique I could find to finally find peace, happiness, and most of all, an un-bloated, sexy, fit body!

However, along the way, I started to gain knowledge and learn real facts about food; where it came from, how it was processed, how it’s changed over the years, and I started realising that not only did I have to start from the basics and heal my entire digestive system, but that the food I craved so much, was not really food at all. But highly processed man-made toxic “food like” products.

I slowly and surely became more in tune with my body. I started really listening to it. Every gurgle, pimple, rash, bump or cough, meant something inside me was askew and my “Motherboard” was craving homoeostasis.

It’s been a long, crazy and fun journey, and as my mum has always said “every day is a school day!”

Each day I become more in tune with my own body, learn to listen to my gut and intuition and I’m constantly fascinated by how my mind works.


My journey has been truly holistic. Mind, Body and Soul, I’ve started to fall in love with every element of Julia. There is no perfect. But when you can tune in to your own sense of self, it’s like watching a fascinating movie that gives you confidence, appreciation and gratitude.

We are all on a journey in this life. If you have started your journey toward Total Vitality, then I’d love you to connect and say Hi! If I can help in any way, I will. And if we can work together in any way, let’s chat.

My true desire is to inspire others to seek greater health for themselves so they may live long, happy and healthy lives full of vitality!

Lots of love




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